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   Representation      Name of governor      Role  
Co-opted Mr Christopher Lloyd   Chair (Mgt & Finance)
Co-opted Mrs Lyndsay McLees   Curriculum & Standards (C & S)
Co-opted Mr Andrew Munro   Curriculum & Standards (C & S)
Co-opted Mr Colin Platt   Buildings and H&S (M & F)
Co-opted  Mrs Adrienne Wright   SEN (C & S)
Head Teacher Mr Darren Nickerson   Head Teacher
Local Authority Mr Stephen Peach   Training
Parent Mrs Janice Law   Assessment (C & S)
Parent Mr Stuart Tribbeck   Vice Chair (Mgt & Finance)
Parent Mrs Emma Capps   Admissions/Attendance (M & F)
Parent Mr James Woods   Mgt & Finance
Parent Mrs Ann marie Boxall   Safeguarding (C&S)
Parent Dr Julie Cherryman   Data analysis (C&S)
Staff Mrs Heather Murphy   Staff

All of the members of the Governing Body can be contacted via the School Office.

Governors are appointed, elected or co-opted onto the Governing Body for a term of four years to represent the views of parents, staff, the local community and the Local Education Authority.  Our Governing Body currently has 14 members; 6 Parent Governors; 1 Headteacher; 1 Staff Governor; 1 LEA Governor and 5 Co-opted Governors.  


The purpose of the Governing Body is to be a critical friend to members of the senior leadership team and the headteacher. Governors keep an overview of the running of the school and provide challenge and support to the Headteacher and the staff. 

This involves listening to proposals put forward by the Senior Management Team and asking ‘what if’ type questions so that the proposal can be modified and improved in order to reach the right decision for the school. Governors are involved in monitoring the work of the school through regular visits, asking questions inmeetingsa dn ensuring that the evidence presented is supported by their own observations/

  Many of the school’s duties are actually the responsibility of the Governing Body and these are supported by the Headteacher who involves the Governing Body in the decision making process.  For instance, Governors are involved in recruitment but work alongside the educational expertise of the Headteacher when reaching a decision. 


To carry out its business efficiently, the full Governing Body meets twice a term (6 times a year). 

There are two committees which meet before the meeting of the Governing Body. At our school the committees are: Curriculum and Standards Committee and Finance and Resources committee. The Full Governing Body has delegated some of their responsibilities to each of the committees. Committee members make decision on behalf of the Governing Body and report back to the full board.  Some decisions  such as approval of the school’s budget – require the agreement of the full Governing Body.  There is also a pay committee and three Governors are membersof the Headteacher's performance management committee.