Year 4

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Welcome to Year 4’s Website page!

It is finally the Spring term – and our learning has been just as exciting as the change in the seasons!


We started off the term by finishing the construction of our cars and inviting our adults to our ‘Motor Museum’.  We were all so proud of what we had achieved – and so many people said that they could not believe that we had managed to build a motorised car.  Thankfully, they all worked beautifully, and many of them were also surprisingly fast.  There are some photos in our gallery area for you to have a look at.


We have recently started our new topic which is all about life in Ancient Egypt.  We ‘kicked off’ our learning by looking at a bag which has mysteriously appeared in our classrooms.  We had to remove each object, and discuss why we thought it was in the bag, and who we thought the bag belonged to.  We came to the conclusion that it must have belonged to an explorer or an adventurer of some description, and we all thought that it must be very old.  As the weeks have passed and we have been learning in other subjects across the curriculum, we have found further clues as to why the items may have been in the bag…and we think we may have decided who it actually belonged to.  However, we cannot be quite sure yet, so we will be keeping our theories to ourselves until later in the term!


We have managed to link so many areas of the curriculum to this exciting and fascinating History topic.  In English, we have started to write some thrilling ‘suspense narrative’ based on the discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb, and in Art we are creating our own canopic jars.  We are also creating some amazing PowerPoint presentations in Computing lessons so that we can share what we have learned about everyday life in Ancient Egypt.


We are going to be sharing some of the amazing work we have been doing linked to our topic in our Celebration Assembly on Friday 10th February at 10.00am in the hall – so if you are able to come along we would love to see you.  There will also be another opportunity to see some of our work when we invite adults in to our ‘Museum of Egyptian Treasures’ later in the term, and we will be sure to let you know the details of this once they have been confirmed.