Year 3

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Spring has sprung and so has Year 3!


We are already busy in our learning and enjoying the new topic – The Secret Garden. We will be thinking about caring for our local environment and how we have a responsibility for the wellbeing of the wider world.


The children have enjoyed a bug themed English hook. This involved discovering the answers to the riddles and finding the picture of the bug in the room! Some were more challenging than others; see if you can work out the answer to this one…


In papers nest below the ground

Is where our colonies may be found.

Or we may nest in a hollow tree,

Or on a limb so plain to see.

We are social among each other,

But not to strangers we find a bother.

If anything disturbs our nest

We swarm out in strong protest.

If it moves, we'll attack it.

We are dressed in a YELLOW JACKET

Marked with spots or dots of black.

We have have a stinger at the back.

(the answer is at the bottom of the page).


In Science, we have already begun to develop our knowledge about plants, building on from what we learnt last year. Identifying different parts of plants and explaining the functions that these parts play.  We will be carrying out investigations and will be writing our own conclusions.


We are very excited that throughout the topic we will be planting seeds and  seedlings and will be developing the school grounds, especially the vegetable patch. Come and join our gardening afternoon 3.15 – 4.15pm, 15.3.17!


Did you guess the answer to the riddle? It was a wasp!