At the heart of our curriculum is the desire to develop the whole child: knowledge, skills, understanding and attitude, to prepare them for secondary school and beyond. We aim to do this through a broad and balanced curriculum which is filled with rich experiences and challenge for all.


From September 2014, the new national curriculum has been implemented for children in years 3, 4 and 5, and will be delivered across the school from September 2015. The core subjects of English, Maths and Science form the majority of our curriculum. Alongside these are the familiar foundation subjects: Art, Computing, Design & Technology, French, Geography, History, Music, and Physical Education. Within each half term, every year group follows a theme which always has a link to English as well as other meaningful links to a number of foundation subjects. To enthuse the children, each half term starts with a hook day which could involve a visit, a themed day in school or a visitor or attraction to the school to fire up the children’s passion for learning. At the start of each half term, parents are sent a curriculum newsletter for that half term with details of the learning opportunities in each subject.


In accordance with the ideals of the new curriculum, if a child is achieving well, rather than moving on to the following year group’s work, we will provide opportunities for more in-depth and investigative work to allow a greater mastery and understanding of concepts and ideas.


As a school, we will always be looking to continue to develop our curriculum to enhance children’s learning.

* Our curriculum is currently under review and that next year's updated maps will be added shortly.


pdf Writing progression

pdf Reading progression

pdf National Curriculum Framework Document

Progression in Addition and Subtraction

Progression in Multiplication and Division

Y3 English Long Term Map 2016-2017

Y4 English Long Term Map 2016-2017

Y5 English Long Term Map 2016-2017

Y6 English Long Term Map 2016-2017